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About Us

Who We Are

One of the largest factors that differentiates Affordable Business Solutions from other web site design companies is that we provide first class customer service to each of our clients; LARGE or small.

Let us help you to get your online presence established or to turn your existing website into the one that you’ve been dreaming of.

Affordable Business Solutions, LLC is a Baton Rouge based business support company, specializing in web site design, website hosting, web site maintenance, graphic design & videography. We do it all from logo design to designing new web sites that market your products and services. Whether you’re in Baton rouge or New Orleans, we can help you in all of your marketing and design endeavors. We stand behind our work 100%.

Working With Us

1. PLAN – The first step in creating an effective website is to plan. Think about what message you want to communicate to your audience. Then list the goals that you would like your website to accomplish. You can ask yourself questions like, “Why do I need a website?" Your answer may be to communicate large sums of information to members in your organization, or to create a new revenue stream for a particular product that you sell. Secure the domain name that you want to use for your website. (We can do this for you if desired)

2. GATHER MATERIALS – Now that you know the purpose of the website, it’s time to gather all necessary materials needed to construct the website. This includes pictures, text and articles for the web pages, pdf files for download, video and audio files, and any other information that you plan to use in your website. After you’ve done this, schedule a meeting with Affordable Business Solutions, LLC to review the materials that you’ve gathered for the site. In our meeting, we will discuss various design options, timeline for website, cost, and website maintenance options available to you to keep your website up-to-date after it has been constructed.

3. Hire A.B.S. – After receiving a quote from our sales rep, hire us and submit all materials needed to design the website to us. We will make sure we guide you through the process of getting your website developed from start to finish. It takes about 1 week to create a new custom web site design for your organization. During this time, we develop a rendering of how your website will look. You will be able to suggest changes to the website layout during this period for custom sites. Once the layout is finished, we will start plugging in the information that you submitted at our initial meeting.

4. Choose A.B.S Hosting – We provide quality and affordable hosting solutions to our website design customers. We have packages starting at only $15.00/mo. If you already have a hosting account, we can usually use it without a problem.

5. Approve Finished Site – Usually, in about a week or two, we will have your website completely finished. This timeframe depends on the complexity of your site design and functions. (Some websites take longer than 2 weeks.) After we have finished plugging in all information that was submitted to us, it’s time to approve the finished site. You can use this time to make any last minute changes before the site goes live. After all changes have been made, we will upload your website to the internet. Your new website will be available for all to see.