The Story

In 2005, as a college student, Robert Selders owned an urban clothing store and needed a website. He needed an e-commerce website designed for his store (The Best Dressed) so he called around for pricing and found that the lowest website cost for a professionally designed site was $1500.

Because he received an opportunity to study abroad in Belgium that summer, he wanted to conserve dollars for the trip, so he
read every web design book that he could get his hands on and watched every tutorial that he could find to learn how to quickly develop a site.  

After a while, friends were asking him to do websites for them. It was at that moment that he realized that clothing sales was not the business for him, but creative design is what he wanted to do,
so he closed the  clothing store and Creative Web Spot was born. Creative Web Spot is a trade name of the business Affordable Business Solutions, LLC.

Since then Affordable Business Solutions has served and continues to provide service to various non-profit, local government and many small businesses.